1. Make a list of the insights you hope to gain through our conversation. Schedule a block of time in your calendar to do your follow up on the session.  A time to process. A time to take action. Set yourself up for follow-through.
  2. Make sure you have a secure and stable internet connection. Hop on Skype a few minutes early to check your connection and audio/video.
  3. Be safe! I don't think I need to tell you not to operate a motor vehicle or heavy machinery during our session...but I'm telling you.
  4. In fact, don't do anything else during our session.  Silence your phone and anything else that may make noise. Minimize the likelihood of being distracted during our time together. Hit the can, eat, take your meds, walk the dog, etc.
  5. Take some time to ground yourself before the session.  Breathe in and out slowly for a few minutes, grab some hot tea, or anything else that will help you get calm and focused.
  6. FINALLY, show up with your sexy, beautiful, open mind.  Show up with the intent to receive.  Know that <insert your higher power here> will send whatever it is to you.